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MCS, Celiac Disease, Leaky gut, the fight goes on…

clock November 17, 2009 06:16 by author lloyd

I want to post here a summary of my finding and progress in my fight against Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Celiac disease and leaky gut syndrome. I think it important, MCS is more or less a mysterious hopeless worsening sickness. Anyone who beat it should share his (her) experience for the other! And I’m beating it, I think

My health worsen slowly for many year without knowing what it was, but thanks to the internet I discovered in March (2009) that I had MCS. In my case it took about 12 years to go from benign to painful. Then I somehow discovered that car pollution made it worse. It has been almost 18 years now!

About MCS I already said a lot there. I’m taking Martin Pall’s tablet, I think they help, I think they would be necessary for a while (as MCS maintain itself as he explains so well in his book). But while Martin Pall explain how the sickness worsen and the sensitivity increases he doesn’t explain the ultimate causes as to why it started in the first place. Although he has some hypothesis, such as nutrient deficiency which seems to be spot on in my case.

Fact is, once I knew I had MCS I checked a local doctor who knew about it (and here I should thanks the pharmacist who directed me to this doctor, I learn then that it pays to ask your pharmacist!). This local doctor had me take a blood test, and I was all good except for a slight reaction to gluten. I had a weak case of celiac disease. This doctor told me that MCS often starts with Gluten and/or casein intolerance. Casein a protein in milk and, just so you know, casein intolerance is different from lactose intolerance.

It should be noted that celiac disease often damage the gut and lead to, amongst other thing, “digestive problem” where food is not digested (hence nutrient deficiency mentioned earlier) and undigested food goes into the blood stream (which cause all sorts of other problem).

At first I ignored him but, as I was still not well, (despite me taking Martin Pall’s tablet) and worse I still had huge, unexplained and sudden variation in my well being I started to pay attention to my food and reduce gluten.

It helped! but it was not enough!
I realized there was more than gluten that was harmful to me.

On a web page I can’t find anymore I found about Leaky gut syndrome with some food to avoid (some of them was food I discovered didn’t agree me). It also said to avoid “food you are allergic to”, while it’s rather unspecific I had recently read an article in New Scientist about how the body could acquire allergies. Leaky gut cause the same nutrient deficiency as gluten intolerance but much more acutely! I think it’s what I have and had in the first place, I think it is the ultimate cause of my sickness.

Anyway, after 4 month of painful experimentation I found a rather complete list of food which contribute to my problem (gluten: definitely, vinegar: definitely, milk: yes but curiously cheese and ice cream are alright, soy bean and sauce: definitely, peppermint tea: definitely)(and I can’t have most chilly paste made with vinegar, but I have no problem with sweet chilly (also with vinegar), strange but true).

Since then I avoid them and my conditions greatly (and slowly) improved. I’m almost well at work now! And I moved to a more urban place which was initially painful but is alright now. And I had no more mysterious variation in my pain level.

Even better, suddenly, 3 weeks ago, I started to be less hungry and my compulsive eating reduced greatly. Probably I was a compulsive eater because of I was malnourished hey!

Well that’s almost all but I think there is an easy way to check out if you have leaky gut. Well this is something which I deduce by myself and seems reasonable but I’m no doctor so take it with a grain of salt. As it started when I was a kid (I think now) and came very progressively I didn’t realize it at first, but I think my poo was not right. It was quite sticky and thin. It’s not how it should be, it should look like a fat sausage and be a bit dry and not sticky. I didn’t know it was not right as it happen so slowly it seems natural, but in retrospect I think that’s a good waning sign that something was not quite right in my gut and I (and anyone else) should pay attention to that!

40 Days into Martin Pall treatment

clock April 20, 2009 14:15 by author lloyd

The good, the bad and the ugly…

As I said in my previous blog entry about 1 month ago I started a treatment against my life long chronic condition. Here are the latest update on the topic!

Now I understand better what’s going on so here is a summary.

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), it has slowly worsen over the course of nearly 20 years. Martin Pall has a theory on how it works. It all start with some undetermined initial stressor of some receptor (possibly some smell receptor and some vanilloid receptor, whatever that is) which, for some reason, trigger an inflammatory response. The brain takes notice and pay more attention to whatever trigger cause the reaction (in my case car exhaust) and start to develop more synapse (hence sensitivity) just for this trigger, which cause more pain, which cause more brain attention.

And there you are, a vicious cycle of brain training / ever increased sensitivity is starting.

Martin Pall treatment is to reduce the Nitrous Oxide cycle, key element in the inflammatory response, hence reducing all the symptoms. And indeed it works. After 29 days taking it I was finally able to spend a whole day at work without any illness related problem (such as pain, heat flushes, brain fog, general unease, great tiredness).

But there are 2 problems:

  1. The real problem is not the pain but the brain training. Getting rid of the Nitrous Oxide stop the vicious cycle of the brain training, and the brain can start to forget. But it’s likely to take years to forget a 20 years long training. Which brings me to the second problem:
  2. There are side effects! In my case my muscles started to get stiff, as if I was about to have cramps. And, I think, some light headedness as well. Which makes it difficult in the long term.

I stopped for 5 days. Big mistake! I felt so much worse. Because, you see, the brain training is still there (will be for a long time).

Now is a good time to mention that I should thanks The Environmental Illness Resource web site, created by a fellow sufferer, for putting me on the right track after so many years of hopeless worsening suffering!

In one of my thread how to get rid of the sensitivity in MCS?, on this website’s online forum, Maff (creator of the website) told me that he was able to get rid of MCS, thanks to DHEA, and he has a little theory on why it works (basically DHEA is an hormone which tranquilize the brain). I believe now that DHEA might help to get rid of the brain training “relatively quickly”. I think I’ll try it. (BTW DHEA require a prescription in Australia).

Also I think I’ll reduce some component of the Martin Pall treatment. After much Googling, I decided to reduce the MVM-A from 2 capsule 3 times a day to 1 capsule 3 times a day, will see.

Ho, and the latest element of information. Following Martin Pall own recommendations I tried to get the product from the Allergy Research Group’s website. But it’s only for doctor and they advised Nutricology for patients. And while they do deliver the product, their customer service is a bit clueless and I’m anxiously waiting for a second shipment (this time with DHEA as well) which is quite long to arrive, if it is even on its way! And the UPS tracker link on their order summary page doesn’t seems to work. So I Googled a bit more and found the ProHealth website which also sells Martin Pall products, for much cheaper too! I think they would be my next supplier!

And that’s the latest news! Stay tuned for more news about the fight of one man against an hopelessly crushing sickness finally brought to halt!…

Received the tablets today

clock March 9, 2009 02:46 by author lloyd

As I said in my previous blog entry I’m very excited by Martin Pall’s theory on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MSC) and how to treat it.

So excited in fact I immediately ordered about ~AU$300 of Martin Pall stuff from Nutricology.

But I couldn’t wait for it to arrive, so I went to the drugstore and ask the pharmacist for something with many of the described elements. He gave me that:

Stress B Forte nutrient complement.  Cost about ~AU$29 for 50 tablets, doesn’t need a prescription and contains about 3/4 of the ingredient advised by Martin Pall. Now 1 week later with just that stuff I feel already much better. But still not good enough to be sure it will be over. So let’s just say it gives me a lot of hope and well being.

So when I received my order from Nutricology today I got really excited!! This is the heavy artillery, look at that:



There is 2 month worth of stuff. I know it seems a lot, but if everything goes as I hope and as I am starting to believe with this Stress B Forte, it should be just a one off treatment with fast and wonderful consequences.

You should soon now dear reader…. (to be continued)


Edit: by the way, here are some additional links

Explaining 'Unexplained Illnesses', Martin Pall’s book

The Environmental Illness Resource

MCS America

More on my sickness

clock March 2, 2009 01:35 by author lloyd

I’m not sure I have an allergy truth to tell. I did try anti-histaminic tablet in the past, without much success. So I was reading about allergy, to see if I could make a more educated lay man guess as to whether what I have is an allergy at all or not, when I stumbled upon those 2 articles: on MSC, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and more on MCS, the end of controversy. And I just find a short bio of the author (Martin Pall) on California Institute of Technology member’s list, a good sign! smile_teeth

Well they both come from the same source so I don’t know how valid they are, but they quite fit my problem. Car exhaust, which I experimentally know to be the cause of my troubles was mentioned multiple time. Wikipedia confirmed that MCS is known about although it is “controversial” (unfortunately).

Anyway, what get me really excited… not just excited, really high! Not only symptoms and causes seems to be a reasonable match, but there is a link in the article on things that can be done to improve life quality: suggestion of treatments (it still an early research phase but there are some simple idea I can try now, today, immediately!!) and the author also has a book on the topic with much more information!

Maybe a new phase of my life is coming soon… Ho I’m so excited, Auuum… Let’s hope… smile_sarcastic

Allergy (new) hopes

clock February 28, 2009 23:26 by author lloyd

I have this health problem which I self-labeled as an allergy to car pollution as no one else was able to diagnose. Don’t know if it is really an allergy (I.e. an ill placed over reaction of the immune system over harmless compound found in the body) but it is caused by an external agent (in car pollution) and is wasting my life.

Anyway I was at the shopping center of my little village and feeling unwell. Granted there is a big parking with many car in my shopping center, but god I live in this little village, will I ever be safe? Worst it has steadily and slowly worsen over the last 17 years, and I was suddenly wondering if it will keep worsening or will finally improve now that I’m in a … better environment?

The same night I Googled a bit and found out that it is often the case that allergy worsen over time. I mean I don’t know if it’s a general rule or not, but from Google’s result it is at least obvious it happens often enough. From an other query it seems less common, although it still seems to happen, that allergy disappear.

Anyway while reading some fellow sufferer’s post, I found out someone speaking of desensitization. I remember reading about it in New Scientist, hence I thought it was still years away from the general public. But it seems not. Full of renewed hope I contacted 2 Allergy clinics, one in Brisbane and one in Coffs Harbour! Well it’s only Sunday and I contacted them Friday night, but I want to hope they could help me! Time will tell!



On a unrelated topic, as I was Googling, I stumbled upon this web site, in fact I found this page about “the liver cleansing diet”: I found it an interesting reading. That reminds me about my theory about many alternative medicine (not all mind you, just most): I think they are placebo. Unfortunately for me, it is already clear enough (from my many past experimentation) that placebo is not working for me! smile_sad

I have also a more daring “theory” (although I have no medical background and no facts to supports it, it’s just a conjecture, so don’t hold me on it), I have read that immune system is influenced by mood. Good mood will makes it stronger and conversely. I suspect Placebo is similar, belief that you will get better gives you inner strength and give your immune system strength as well. From that disease where immune system erroneously attack thing it shouldn’t (such as allergies for example) could even worst because of it I reckon! How about that?